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Bagatelle, un trio de l'ouest parisien associé à la voix d'Andrea Vaughn, chanteuse du groupe indie-pop New Yorkais My Favorite, sors un EP, Rendez-vous Translatlantique dont le premier titre clippé, ci-dessous, est un instrumental aux accents bossa. Allez comprendre



Usually defined by a trifle "thing frivolous and unimportant as a love affair ...

This definition is well aligned with the idea with which this trio from western Paris (France) composes intimate pop melodies during a picnic or while singing the points of a badminton game. With the starting point of this first opus, the birth of "Rose Mériaux" , the bagatelle is an offshoot of a life, the guiding principle of the songs on this EP.

Without seeing, with only stereo-tortoise-lab connections underwater and fiber-optics, six hymns to love were hatched, six intimate and delicate perfumes, six ways to say I LOVE YOU : to their loves, to their friends, with delight...



Bagatelle: Rendez-Vous Transaltlantique — Bagatelle. The name itself has a sort of light, wispy quality. The word sounds like a French pastry, all buttery and airy, and the music on Bagatelle‘s new EP, Rendez-Vous Transatlantique, has that same quality.

‘Jackson’ is the rattling opener that kicks this album off. It’s fun and playful, full of 8-bit sound and stop and go rhythms. At its best, it conjures up the good memories of childhood. With its popping bass line and tingling guitars, it’s one of the album’s best songs. ‘Rose Darling’ is a bit more introspective, but only at first. A pulsing bass line half-way through the song brightens the song up when it drops into play. The final product is a catchy little bossa nova tune that – if you keep listening – you will hear again and again, like in the next song, ‘Tchau Signo’. This tune is unabashedly bossa nova. It’s as if it was ripped right from a 1960s soda pop commercial. It’s also wonderfully acoustic. Listen close enough, and you can even hear the guitar player’s fingers sliding against the frets. And just for good measure, there’s also a nice use of synth in the background. It’s subtle, but it’s there, and it lends a fresh twist to this otherwise overused groove.



When you read the words “twee” and “dreamy pop”, a clear picture is painted in your mind. That’s how Parisian trio Bagatelle were pitched to me and being a fan of cute, pretty things, giving them a listen was a must. The name of the band means “thing as frivolous and unimportant as a love affair”. Young and carefree, which is a perfect description of their sound.

In 2010, Bagatelle showed their indie pop melodies to NYC singer and frontwoman of new-wave band My Favourite Andrea Vaughn. The two forces united and Andrea lent her sweet, feminine vocals to their EP Rendezvous Transatlantique, aptly named for this meeting of minds. Four of the tracks from the EP can be downloaded for free from Bagatelle’s official website.




L'histoire débute en 2010 lorsque le trio parisien Bagatelle débute sa collaboration avec Andrea Vaughn, la chanteuse du groupe new-yorkais My Favorite aujourd'hui reformé sous le nom de The Secret History. Via Skype, ils communiquent, composent et fabriquent entre New-York et Paris une poignée de chansons pop minimalistes et intimistes qui séduisent par leur fraicheur et leur sensualité. A l'occasion de la sortie de Rendez-Vous Transatlantique, leur premier EP, nous avons posé quelques questions à Jérôme Mériaux. Interview fleuve.


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