Twee Pop? A new genre created and manufactured by Bagatelle; maybe the wrong term to associate indie/pop, however the French group make it their own. Andrea Vaughn (Indie singer of new-wave band from Brooklyn: My Favourite) and Bagatelle met over Skype and decided to make an iconic album called – Rendez – Vous Transatlantique; an album compiled with six delicate hymns, six intimate perfumes and six ways to say, I love you. 

Bagatelle remains a word associated with trinkets and tasks with remedial importance, maybe it should be replaced and be defined by three words, six tracks, on one album – Rendez – Vous Transatlantique? 

Opening track (Jackson) is a dream cloud situated in the mind of a sleeping individual. The electro, indie sounds accommodate Andrea Vaughn’s voice intertwined as a piece of jam on toast; sweat, sultry pieces of strawberry and raspberry mixtures. Next! (Rose Darling) takes a simple, acoustic essence and closely connects two vocal patters, reminiscent of fading relationships. With that emotional connection, the listener can associate the musical masterpiece to events present in societies moments. 

Then (Tchau signo) takes influences from independent French movies and beach visits, as we’re escorted into the mind and soundtrack of three creative, so called – Bagatelles. What a beautiful piece of music followed by – In place of Mister Cook; a science formula that cures emotional turmoil in two minutes. Moving onto – Singing Reinette – Independent Music News’ favourite track on the EP. It makes you think about each section and dig under the surface to find glimpses of bone and gold.

The last track – La Mer a Paris – finds us on a cliff-hanger, griping onto the edge with all our strength. We don’t want to leave Bagatelle and their indie, pop sounds, mainly because their soundtrack musical pieces can be heard in the backdrop of a sad and emotional event. I LOVE THIS BAND AND I CAN’T WAIT TO HEAR MORE!

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